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The legal solution to protect your communication


KvantPhone is a legal solution to protect private and business communication as well.

Arenim has put great effort into establishing a proper service model covering possible legal questions and issues. The legal background of the service has been prepared with the co-operation of the professional legal partners of Arenim.


Reliable provider approach

We take liability seriously and we bind ourselves legally to deliver a proper service as offered and promised to our customers. Before selecting a security provider please always compare the content of the official service agreements to be signed with the services offered in the marketing materials.


Extract of the Service Agreement – Definition of the Service

The communication encryption service developed and provided to the subscribers by Arenim Infosec Kft. (KvantPhone Service Provider) assures the encryption and protection of the media (voice, instant messages) transmitted between such subscribers’ endpoints, who have subscribed to the KvantPhone Service. The aim of the KvantPhone Service is to ensure that subscribers may communicate with each other in a protected way and that the communication data being transmitted while using the KvantPhone Service properly cannot be decoded or monitored by third persons, however sophisticated their attempt is.

Under the terms of the Service Agreement, the KvantPhone Service Provider, depending on the Client’s fulfilling his obligations as part of the Service, will help the Client connect to another subscriber of the Service and will enable secure communication. However, the communication itself is not transmitted through the Service Provider, the Service Provider has no access to the communication and has no knowledge of the content of such communication either, thus cannot be held liable in this respect. The Service Provider is not a telecommunications service provider and does not participate in the communication of the Client with other users, thus cannot access the encryption codes of the information exchange between the users and has no recourse to the information necessary to decrypt the messages, so they cannot give such information to third persons upon request.

The Client acknowledges, based on the information received prior to concluding the agreement, that it may use the Service only for communication with such other third persons who are also clients or subscribers of the KvantPhone Service and who are eligible to the conditions of the subscription contracts they concluded and who fully comply with such conditions.

The Client may exercise the rights provided under the Service Agreement exclusively in order to access the Service in compliance with the provisions of the Service Agreement and the applicable laws and the Service may be exclusively used for lawful purposes, in line with the applicable laws, official regulations and other applicable rules.



KvantPhone does not collect any data regarding any user calls or any user action.

Arenim is not able to decrypt the calls of any KvantPhone users therefore:

  • Subscribers of the KvantPhone service have to accept that upon an Authority request regarding the calls of particular users – and because KvantPhone cannot provide the decryption of the calls for the Authorities – KvantPhone will immediately bar the users under observation from further access to the services.
  • In such a situation no refund of pre-paid service fee is possible.

Arenim Infosec Kft., its affiliates, the KvantPhone service and solutions are not bound to any government. The company, the solution and the service are independent from any political influence and do not have any contract that may harm our independence or the reliability of the service.

We understand that the KvantPhone Service is a personal one and that our users are unique. Our legal team is happy to comment on your unique circumstances, concerns or questions regarding your KvantPhone subscription.
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